Valuing the African Genius

Samuel Safo Tchofo

Abdoul-Rafat Ouédraogo

Kwadwo Safo

February 13, 2018

January 22, 2018

November 10, 2017

Samuel Safo Tchofo is an electromechanical engineer who has invented, designed and manufactured Egusi-itoo Shelling Machines which incorporates an automatic sorting machine. SEM (Safo ...

Abdoul-Rafat Ouédraogo, from Burkina Faso, designed and manufactured a prototype electric car in 2016, while still a 12th grade student who just graduated in electrical engineering. This vehicle ...

Kwadwo Safo from Ghana has designed and manufactured Spot Welding Robots with locally available materials and technology. Safo’s Kantanka robots do not use electrodes. The robots can ...

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Recommended Books

Oshiorenoya Agabi

Maxwell Chikumbutso

Gathu - Kiuna - Ngugi

September 22, 2017

September 14, 2017

 July 20, 2017

Oshiorenoya Agabi, from Nigeria, is an amazing scientist and innovator who is also heading Koniku, a company that is building chips with biological neurons. And this is not science fiction. Indeed ...

Maxwell Chikumbutso, from Zimbabwe, is a self-taught engineer who dropped out of school at age 14. He is known for having developed a green energy technology which, he says, is revolutionary because ...

David Gathu, Moses Kiuna and Duncan Ngugi are exceptionally talented Kenyans who claim to have designed and manufactured, among several other innovations, a generator prototype that ...

Bonsu - Quansah - Matey

October 22, 2017

Benjamin Bonsu, Joseph Quansah and Ernest Teye Matey are Ghanaian engineers, from All Nations University, who have designed and manufactured Ghana’s first nano satellite. Satellite was launched ...

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