Valuing the African Genius

Victor Kossikouma Agbegnenou

Victor Agbegnenou, a Togolese researcher, has developed a polyvalent technology called PWCS (Polyvalent Wireless Communication System) which allows, from a satellite broadband connection, the simultaneous provisioning of telephony, internet and video services without using any landline cable such as fibre optics. The Matloop, the antenna that looks like a mushroom, is one of the key components of the inventor’s technology.

It took Victor Agbegnenou 10 years of research to develop this cutting- edge technology in his laboratory (Ka-Technologies) which is located in Paris. The invention was filed on October 11, 2002 with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) under the International Application Number PCT/FR02/003458. The application was then published on April 14, 2003 under the International Publication Number WO 03/034668 A1. Thus, the invention is protected in more than 125 WIPO member states, and the inventor has refused to sell it to American and Swiss companies so that he can make the technology available to African countries.

With the PWCS it would be possible for African countries, but not only, to no longer invest significantly in costly landline infrastructures to cover their territory while providing voice, high-speed internet and video services at lower costs compared to the bandwidth costs of current fibre optics cables deployed along the shores of East and West Africa.

Victor Agbegnenou and his team have also designed and manufactured educational tablets, which are also solar-powered. These tablets are actually digital school bags as pupils no longer need to carry heavy school bags on their back. All the applications that they need to learn are already available in the tablet. This concept is called RETICE and is compatible with the PWCS.

Some schools in Nigeria, Senegal and France, etc. have already tested and adopted the digital learning platform developed by Victor Agbegnenou who is heading KA Technologies, the company which is developing PWCS and RETICE technologies.

Source: Economia

Source: KA Technologies

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Profile reviewed: January 25, 2017

First publication: March 2011