Valuing the African Genius

Victor and Johnson Obasa

Victor Obasa (a mechanical engineer) and Johnson Obasa (an architect) are two brothers from Nigeria who have manufactured an armored vehicle with parts and components found and produced in Nigeria. The Obasa brothers are quite familiar with military equipment because both served in the US military before returning home where they own a three-hectare facility in Ijero-Ekiti. This is where the Prowler (the armored vehicle was conceived and manufactured).

The vehicle was officially unveiled on August 2009 at Eagle Square in Abuja and the late Nigerian President Yar’Adua had the opportunity to inspect it. The two brothers believe that they can mass-produce the vehicle in Nigeria at half the cost of imported armored vehicles, while maintaining international standards. The vehicle is bomb-proof, bullet-proof and fire-proof, as well as equipped with surveillance equipment. When tested with different kinds of ammunition, it had little or no marks left on it from a far range; but did have peripheral marks from a close range encounter.

The Prowler is the brothers’ contribution towards strengthening the Nigerian police and army, yet the survival of their Nigerian-owned and staffed plant is dependent on orders from the Federal Government of Nigeria. Around November / December 2009, the government ordered 40 units of the Prowler to be used by the Nigeria Police Force!

This is another proof that Africans can do whatever they want in most industrial disciplines. Their mind must be freed of any inferiority complex and people like Victor and Johnson Obasa can only be seen as role models serving this purpose.

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Profile reviewed: January 1, 2017

First publication: January 2010