Valuing the African Genius

Sulaiman Famro is a Nigerian engineer who has manufactured the "Farmking" prototype which is a one-stop processing plant for root crops and grains.

Sulaiman Famro

On one end there are 3 devices for chipping, grating and milling. In the middle is the power plant, and in the rear there is a large steel drum that can hold 50 kg of milled cassava that uses a spin filter to process up to 2.5 tons of milled cassava into starch.

Thus, the Farmking can be used to process cassava, soya beans, maize, sweet potatoes, yam, grains, and many other root crops. One of its most interesting characteristics is the capture of starch which is wasted when processed manually.

The prototype was manufactured with the inventor's own funds. It would cost a buyer approximately 2.5 million naira (about $16,000).

Sulaiman Famro studied at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and got his Master's degree from the Polytechnic Institute of NYU.

Source: Farmking Machines

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Profile reviewed: December 30, 2016

First publication: November 2013