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Serigne Mactar Bâ, from Senegal, is an electromechanical engineer who has designed, manufactured and improved, since the year 2000, a series of rockets named Skimikamiya. His rockets can reach ballistic distances of more than 14 kilometers and altitudes between 5 and 6 kilometers. These rockets are technologically advanced weapons and were conceived with local technology. Their speed, stability, robustness and the materials used have been improved continually.

The Skimikamiya rockets are waterproof and can be launched anywhere and anytime. As for the warhead, adjustments have increased the versatility of embarked payloads. This enables the device to carry solid, liquid or gas masses. The fire control system is electrical and powered by a 12V/7A battery. A laser-enabled electronic viewfinder enables the shooter to better select his targets.

Serigne Mactar Ba

Serigne Mactar Bâ has also designed and manufactured a special launching-ramp for his rockets / missiles. The ramp has a jack (cylinder) that provides angles between 0° and 90° which can rotate (or pivot) 360°, and load up to twelve (12) rockets simultaneously. The materials used to manufacture the rockets and launching-ramps are available in Senegal.

The Skimikamiya missiles / rockets will be embarked on future mobile projects such as the GGV (Gal à Grande Vitesse or High Speed Boat), the MecaToul (Armored Mobile Vehicle), the Goudou-Beut (Military Drone), etc.     

Source: Skimikamiya Industries

The GGV is actually a military speedboat, with embedded military equipment, which is being developed with 2 powerful Yamaha engines. Its manufacturing would help perform sea trials to ensure its manoeuvrability and stability. The MecaToul, however, is an armoured vehicle with light armoured plate 8 to 10 mm thick. A firing station (turret launch) will be set on top of the vehicle. This armoured vehicle is ideal for escorting tanks.

Serigne’s knowledge of weapons and engineering has also helped him design an assault rifle derived from the qualities of both the Russian AK-47 and the French FAMAS.

Source: Skimikamiya Industries

Source: Skimikamiya Industries

Profile reviewed: January 1, 2017

First publication: December 2010

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