Valuing the African Genius

Samuel Safo Tchofo is an electromechanical engineer who has invented, designed and manufactured Egusi-itoo Shelling Machines that incorporate an automatic separation unit. SEM (Safo Egusi Machines) is the name of these made in Cameroon (Africa) industrial units that are assembled with more than 750 mechanical parts.

The egusi-itoo seeds are washed and then poured into the dehulling (shelling) unit. Once the seeds are dehulled (shelled), they are automatically separated from their coat. Flour and oil are some of the products produced by the Egusi Sheller.

Egusi-itoo seeds  have specific physical characteristics. This is what makes SEM unique because the efficiency rate (97% on average of perfectly dehulled seeds) is unmatched so far to our knowledge. The Scientific name of Egusi-itoo is Cucumeropsis mannii and the English name White Seed Melon.

A patent was filed in 2015 with the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI). Since 2016, the machine is officially a registered trademark under number 17399.

Samuel Safo Tchofo

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First publication: February 13, 2018