Valuing the African Genius

Sam Kodo

After Sam.10, Sam Kodo has conceived other robots, like Robert I whose main characteristic is to follow the lines (path) drawn on a surface thanks to sensors the inventor manufactured himself. Robert I is also equipped, among others, with a microcontroller (microprocessor) which he removed from a toy car and reprogrammed.

Sam’s latest robots can now interact with humans, recognize faces and objects, speak, follow directions, play football, etc.

This young inventor ambitions to build a fully autonomous robot capable, for example, of serving coffee, walking up and down the stairs, etc.

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Profile reviewed: January 24, 2017

First publication: August 2010

Source: marklives.com

Source: Voice of America


Source: Reuters

Sam Kodo, from Togo, is famous for conceiving and building robots almost entirely from scraps. One of the first robots he built was dubbed SAM.10. It is a humanoid robot whose conception has nothing to do with chance as Sam Kodo designed methodically and scientifically the robot’s structure.