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Pierre Djibril Coulibaly

Profile reviewed: January 26, 2017

First publication: July 2013

Pierre Djibril Coulibaly, from Côte d’Ivoire, is a software engineer who has developed NexPro UBS, a Universal Business Software, for which he obtained patent No. 15165 in 2011 from OAPI (African Intellectual Property Organization). He is the managing director of NEXAT Informatique, which he founded in 2003.

Source: NexproUBS

NexPro UBS is universal because it can manage as many activities as possible, with one or several users on the same NexPro Network. In other words a company or an administration can make NexPro UBS available to its various departments where each user can access one or more business activities (Stocktaking, HRM, budget, archives, billing, mailing, etc.) he is in charge of. In other words, a company no longer needs to invest in expensive dedicated software to manage her activities like Human Resource Management, Accounting, Stocktaking, etc. This is what makes NexPro UBS an outstanding all-in-one business application.

In 2012, Pierre Djibril Coulibaly was elevated to the rank of Knight of the Ivorian Order of Merit. In 2013, he received the International Star Award for Quality Award in the Gold Category at the BID Quality Convention in Geneva, among other prizes.