Valuing the African Genius

Source: ntv

Source: ntv

Photo: Joseph Kany - Nation Media Group

Initially, the inventor’s idea was to develop an anti-theft mobile system to stop a car which has been stolen, for instance, until he realized that he could do much more. Now, he can also monitor an egg incubator with SMS commands.

Peterson Mwangi’s passion has always been physics despite the fact that he did not complete secondary school.

Peterson Mwangi is a self-taught inventor from Kenya who has conceived and developed a mobile remote control system that can switch on and off a car engine from an SMS. Moreover, the system can move a car forward and backward just by sending SMS commands. The key feature of this system is that network coverage is not a prerequisite for the car to be remotely controlled by the mobile phone. But how can the system send SMS commands to a car’s engine without a mobile network?

Profile reviewed: February 1, 2017

First publication: December 2011

Peterson Mwangi

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