Valuing the African Genius

Maxwell Collins Omondi is a Kenyan inventor who has designed and manufactured a tamper proof voting machine. This was his answer to Kenya's 2007 post-election violence.

The look and feel of this machine may let us think that it was designed outside Kenya. Yet, this machine is made of scrap materials, including simple electrical and electronic components that Maxwell Omondi sourced in Kenya.

First publication: May 23, 2017

Maxwell Collins Omondi

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The device is actually a light sensitive machine that incorporates the whole voting process within one unit. Stage one: the voter's hand is scanned for ink. If there is ink, thus this person has already voted and will not be allowed to vote again. If the hand is ink free, the machine will mark it with a special ink. At this stage, an individualized voter chip and fingerprint test will enable the voter to move to the next stages of the voting process.

Source: Citizennews.co.ke

Once the voting process has been completed, the machine adds up automatically the votes and can send the results to a dedicated center where they will be centralized. As a result, fraud can be drastically mitigated with this apparatus.

Maxwell Omondi thought that all citizens, even the disabled ones, should be allowed to vote easily. This is why the machine is equipped with braille and voice recognition systems to allow the blind, for instance, to cast their votes confidently. Truly amazing!

Source: Citizennews.co.ke