Valuing the African Genius

Maxwell Chikumbutso

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First publication: September 14, 2017

Maxwell Chikumbutso, from Zimbabwe, is a self-taught engineer who dropped out of school at age 14. He is known for having developed a green energy technology which, he says, is revolutionary because it converts radio frequencies directly into clean and renewable energy. He asserts that he could not patent his work because it violates the laws of physics!


Luis Cupenala, an Angolan businessman based in South Africa and chairman of Bongani Group, is among the rare Africans who have invested in Maxwell Chikumbutso's Saith Technologies. The investment enabled Chikumbutso to manufacture the first prototypes that use his outstanding technology. He was able, for example, to put this technology into a car, making it the first electric car vehicle in the world that converts radio frequencies into energy. In other words, his electric car does not have a recharging system due to perpetual motion; thus zero emissions. Only pure energy!

He has also developed, among others, a helicopter that runs on 5/6 different fuels. Normally, this would require the engine to be modified. Not in this case.

Maxwell Chikumbutso is now residing in the United States (apparently in California). The US is a country where innovation is taken seriously, not in Africa, unfortunately. As a result, America wins with Chikumbutso moving to the US and Africa, as it is almost always the case, loses for not having supported him financially. And in the years to come the African continent might be compelled to purchase an innovation that was originally designed and manufactured in Africa!