Valuing the African Genius

Kelvin Macharia

Kelvin Macharia Kuria, from Kenya, invented an insecticide from local plants in 2008 when he was just 17 years old. Dubbed “Aloemexhot”, this insecticide kills instantly insects like ants, cockroaches and flies.

When ants invaded his dormitory, Kelvin Macharia decided to find a lasting solution and started studying local plants so as to extract their active ingredients. In the school laboratory, he then realized that a mixture from environmentally friendly and locally available plants could exterminate the insects. Thus, when ants invaded the dormitory again, he applied his solution which proved effective.

In 2011, Kelvin Macharia founded Sunrise Tracking, a company that provides modern security solutions for vehicles and premises.

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Profile reviewed: March 3, 2017

First publication: June 2011