Valuing the African Genius

Jean-Paul Nyoma

Jean-Paul Nyoma is a self-taught inventor from Cameroon who is best known for having conceived and manufactured an energy accumulator. Although he dropped out of school, he managed to receive informal training in automotive electricity.

He conceived the idea of designing an energy accumulator in 2004 when Yaoundé experienced several outages (blackouts). In 2005, he manufactured the device from scrap, and, since then, has continuously improved it through several other models.

These energy accumulators, once fully charged, can power several devices like computers, spotlights, TV sets, etc. for up to 10 hours! They can accumulate energy in three ways: from solar panels (photovoltaic), a car’s engine or an electricity source.

Source: mboa.info

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Profile reviewed: January 4, 2017

First publication: January 2011