Valuing the African Genius

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Ibrahima Gueye is from Senegal and is a self-taught inventor who has nevertheless strengthened his technical capabilities in Brazil where he specialized in electrical and industrial cooling. Back from Brazil, he developed his first egg incubator in 1975. Since then, this inventor has continually improved his invention: the electro-technical egg incubator.

Ibrahima Gueye

The incubator is made of a heat production unit, an egg tray unit, a control and measurement unit, a monitoring display unit, two trapdoors (oxygen and carbon dioxide), and can be run either with electricity (220 volts), solar energy (12-24 volts) or petrol. A user’s manual is also provided for each type of incubator.

Chickens, geese, ducks, guineafowls, ostriches, etc. are poultry whose eggs can be treated with Ibrahima Gueye’s electro-technical incubator. There are several models with different processing capacities: 100, 150, 200, 240, 280 and 300 eggs. These models are designed for small farmers. Bigger models have capacities ranging from 300 to 3,000 eggs. The eggs can be turned either manually or automatically depending on the type of model.

Ibrahima Gueye has received several awards for his invention, among which a silver medal at the 32nd edition of the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva (Switzerland).

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Profile reviewed: December 30, 2016

First publication: November 2009