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First publication: May 24, 2017

Gideon Emenike and Chibuisi Nwafor

Gideon Emenike and Chibuisi Nwafor are Nigerian geniuses who launched a rocket on September 27, 2013. They were then aged between 16 and 17 years old and just graduated from secondary school when they achieved this feat.

The rocket, fabricated with locally available components (including sugar and computer accessories), covered a distance of more than 5 kilometers into the sky before crash landing, 30 minutes after it was launched.

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The clatter of the crashed rocket was powerful and scared people in the rural community of Umuchima Ubaha (Imo State) who thought that the bang was caused by a bomb launched by terrorists (Boko Haram) who had invaded the area. Luckily for the community, this was not the case. However, that community revealed the genius of two Nigerians who could bring so much to their country, and the continent as a whole, if they can only be supported by their government.

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