Valuing the African Genius

David Gathu - Moses Kiuna - Duncan Ngugi

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First publication: July 20,  2017

David Gathu, Moses Kiuna and Duncan Ngugi are exceptionally talented Kenyans who claim to have designed and manufactured, among several other innovations, a generator prototype that converts oxygen from the air into electricity, thanks to a system that purifies the oxygen.

Source: K24

These young boys are school dropouts who use rudimentary equipment, recycled materials and scrap to materialize their ideas. In other words, they are not backed up financially to come up with their innovations. As a result, it will be difficult for them to prove that their prototype can be replicated at a scale that would enable it to power entire villages or cities. How many inventors, in the world, were ostracized because they conceived equipment that contradicted the laws of physics or mathematics before they were finally admitted as scientific possibilities?