Valuing the African Genius

Cyrille Bomba

Cyril Bomba is an inventor from Cameroon who developed, in 2008, the Afrisolar Lamp which uses solar energy to light up premises.

A solar panel is connected, through a power cable, to the lamp which is also equipped with a rechargeable battery that can light up premises for about 12 hours (according to the inventor). The light generated, always according to computations from the inventor, is equivalent to that produced by 26 petrol lamps altogether.

Afrisolar is also equipped with a USB output and a power plug to charge mobile phones, as well as an FM radio receiver.

About 90% of the lamp’s components are sourced locally, including wood. Thus, it should cost about 38 euros to get one.

Now, setting up a plant locally to mass produce the Afrisolar lamp would cost approximately 100,000 euros, according to the inventor.

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Profile reviewed: February 8, 2017

First publication: May 2010

Source: Journalducameroun.com