Valuing the African Genius


First publication: July 3, 2017

Chris Nsamba

Chris Nsamba, from Uganda, has designed and manufactured a modern baby incubator that should contribute in saving premature lives in Neonatal Intensive Care Units in Uganda and elsewhere in Africa, provided he can be backed up financially. The machine is fully automatic, controlled by a touch screen monitor and runs on Windows operating system.

Source: African Space Research Program

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Manufactured and tested in Uganda, this incubator can monitor oxygen in babies' blood as well as their heart beats per minute and show a pulse graph of the heart. If a baby stops breathing, the machine will immediately trigger an alarm system. The machine is also equipped with a wireless device which transmits data so that a nurse, for instance, can monitor the incubator at a distance.

Chris Nsamba's incubator produces oxygen from its environment and the temperature can be set between 32° and 38° C. It is also designed with an anti-mosquito system which is controlled by the machine's computer that automatically humidifies and sanitizes the baby's environment.