Valuing the African Genius

Chris Nsamba is a researcher from Uganda known for being the founder of the African Space Research Program (ASRP) which is a private, ill-funded and ill-equipped agency rather than a continental agency.

Nonetheless, he caught international attention for having embarked, in 2011, in the manufacture of a spacecraft in his yard. Due to a lack of funds, the project is at a standstill despite the fact that one of the researcher’s biggest ambitions was, and perhaps remains, to send a Ugandan into space.

Chris Nsamba

Source: African Space Research Program

With his team, Chris Nsamba has also designed and manufactured a small drone or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). This drone, equipped with cameras, an autopilot system and GPS instruments, among others, is supposed to have a flight time of about 7 hours.

In addition to the UAV, Chris Nsamba has also started working on the manufacturing of a micro-satellite that weighs 4.8 kg. It is equipped with cameras and solar panels, for now, and should be able to send live pictures to earth once operational.

Last, but not least, Chris Nsamba claims to have conceptualized a technology that could be used to build spaceships that will fly at speeds faster than 4,000 km/h within the earth’s atmosphere!

Source: African Space Research Program

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Profile reviewed: December 30, 2016

First publication: May 2014