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Source: Medtech.fr

Bertin Nahum

Bertin Nahum, from Benin and a French citizen too, has developed a robot called Rosa™ that assists surgeons with brain surgery. He started the company (Medtech SAS) that conceives surgical robots in 2002. The robots manufactured by Medtech SAS “simply” help surgeons perform their tasks efficiently and with precision. He is a graduate of The National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA Lyon, France) and holds a Master of Science in Robotics from Coventry University (England).

Before setting up Medtech, Bertin Nahum worked for about a decade for leading companies like Computer Motion Inc. (Cardiac surgery, urology…), Integrated Surgical Systems Inc. (Orthopedic surgery), IMMI SA (Neurosurgery) where he had the opportunity to develop robot-assisted solutions.

Bertin Nahum first invented a robot called BRIGIT™ which assisted doctors with orthopedic surgery in providing mechanical support for sawing bones with an arm that guides the surgeon and helps him make precise cuts. Zimmer Inc., the world leader in orthopedic surgery, acquired the patent portfolio from Medtech in 2006.

In 2007, he created ROSA™, a robot with a robotic arm that can help surgeon perform delicate brain surgery. User-friendly and accurate, ROSA™ is now used in hospitals around the world for brain and spine surgeries.

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Profile reviewed: January 23, 2017

First publication: November 2012