Valuing the African Genius

Asidu Abudu

Asidu Abudu is a Ghanaian inventor who started inventing mechanical instruments at a young age. He has developed numerous devices which are designed to ease people's lives. One of them is a fufu pounding machine that can ease the lives of African women in villages and cities. Another one is an automatic eating machine that can help the disabled, among others.

Just like other African inventors on the continent, Asidu Abudu has also conceived devices that use telecommunication technologies. One of them is the "the car tracking system" which enables you to stop the engine of your car if it has been stolen by just dialing a special code from a mobile or landline phone. Moreover, the system enables the owner to actually see the face of the carjacker who can then be identified and prosecuted.

Source: Africa Report

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Profile reviewed: January 24 , 2017

First publication: December 2011