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Amadou Dembele

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Profile reviewed: January 4, 2017

First publication: June 2010

Amadou Dembele conducted a study to generate power of about 10 MW. In order to reach this nominal capacity, the Bargelec must be 30 meters long, 5 metres high and 10 meters wide for a total investment of about 1 million euros.

Amadou Dembele admits that it is always difficult to convince someone, especially in Africa, that a new idea is worth financing.

Amadou Dembele is an electromechanical researcher from Mali who has designed and developed a small scale prototype of a “barge” with a modular electric system called Bargelec which is a prefabricated, mobile and adjustable hydro-electric dam.

The prototype is composed of a funnel-shaped duct which is completely immersed into a watercourse, thus  creating a reservoir. The barge, located above the duct, contains the equipment that produces electricity.

Source: Ouest TV - Emission WARI