Valuing the African Genius

Afate Gnikou

Afate Gnikou is a Togolese geographer and researcher who has built 3D printers with 100% recycled computer objects, among others. The framework of the 3D printers is a recycled central processing unit (CPU), while the rails and motors of traditional printers and scanners fit together to form a stable base.

Afate Gnikou, a member of the Woelab, which is a Fablab based in Togo, wants to use his 3D printers to manufacture prostheses. The problem with most imported prostheses is that they are standardized, expensive and inappropriate for the amputees living in Togo, and Africa in general.  

Afate Gnikou has the skills to customize the prostheses of each amputee and to manufacture them in Togo at a reasonable cost if he gets real support. Thus, one of the applications of his work would be in the heath sector, among others.

Source: Woelab

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Profile reviewed: May 9, 2017

First publication: June 2013

Source: France24/Observers