Valuing the African Genius

Abdoulaye Toure

Abdoulaye Toure, from Senegal, has designed and developed solar ovens in Senegal since 1990. The first ovens, which were made of wood, had a 10-year lifetime if properly maintained and could reach between 110 °C and 200 °C. This was the result of constant technical improvements.

The working principle is simple: sunlight,which is concentrated into an aluminium box (the fireplace), is turned into heat which is housed in another larger and isolated box so that the outer envelope does not heat. A double-glazed lid, which is located above the aluminium box, captures sunrays, while a reflector increases the oven’s temperature.

Abdoulaye Toure is now moving from wood-based solar ovens to industrialized solar ovens. However, he lacks financial support despite the fact that he has received numerous awards, was invited to COP’22 in Morocco and in January 2017 was awarded another prize in Qatar.

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Profile reviewed: February 8, 2017

First publication: November 2009

Source: Abdoulaye Toure