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The prototype is a single-seater made of 6 motors powered by a battery. The first motor moves the car forward or backward. The second motor steers the vehicle which does not have a steering wheel. The third motor generates air conditioning, while the fourth one is used to automatically open/close the roof of the vehicle - the only vehicle's door. The fifth one is used to cool the system. Finally, the sixth motor makes it possible to shift gears. Indeed, this 2-speed prototype reaches a maximum speed of 30 km/h.

Abdould-Rafat Ouédraogo's father is a welder with whom he learned welding; thus enabling him to design and manufacture the car body alone. Once done with the body, he then assembled the various electrical wires and motors. This prototype, which can be improved, cost his father approximately 1000 euros to manufacture.

Abdoul-Rafat Ouédraogo, from Burkina Faso, designed and manufactured a prototype electric car in 2016, while still a 12th grade student who just graduated in electrical engineering. This vehicle, he says, is just the incarnation of the knowledge acquired at school.

Abdould-Rafat Ouédraogo

Source: Burkina24

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First publication: January 22, 2018