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Victor and Johnson Obasa

African Inventors

January, 2010
Two brothers, Victor and Johnson Obasa, of Nigerian origins, have built the first Nigerian armored car. These two talented Africans relocated from the United States and are now based in Ekiti State where they own a company named Mobile Truck Technology.

The vehicle was officially launched in August 2009 at the Eagle Square in Abuja. Most of the vehicle's materials/components used in its production are found in Nigeria. The inventors believe that they can mass produce the car in Nigeria at half the cost of imported armored vehicles while maintaining international standards. The vehicle was tested with different kinds of ammunitions. From a far range it had little or no marks left on it; however, from a close range it left peripheral marks.

Victor and Johnson Obasa have faced some challenges like most, if not all inventors. But the Senate President encouraged them to keep on. The President of Nigeria had then instructed the Inspector General of Police to meet the fabricators to find out what they needed to produce the vehicle.

Top police officers and the Minister of science and Technology were present at the event to inspect the vehicle. It was then planned to send a team of engineers to the base where the armored vehicle was fabricated to further examine it so as to ensure that it is properly produced to meet the standards required by the police.

This is once again the proof that Africans can do whatever they want in most industrial disciplines. Their mind must be freed of any complex and people like Victor and Johnson Obasa can only be seen as role models serving this purpose.

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