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Tobias Lugoloobi

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Update on Tobia's profile
January 15, 2012
Tobias Lugoloobi is now a team member of the Institute for Interstellar Studies (I4IS). This organization started in November 2012 and he was one of the very first few members. Currently his role is researcher.

Intergalactic travels will inevitably become reality, one day. As an African, and a member of this Institute, Tobias Lugoloobi will help pave the way that will lead humanity to such travels.


January, 2011
Tobias Lugoloobi is an independent Ugandan inventor (researcher) who has committed 23 years of research to develop a practical space drive that can operate in the aerospace and deep space. This technology, therefore, can be useful for ordinary aerospace air travel and potential extra-terrestrial travels, according to the inventor.

Everything started in his mind when he was a young child. He felt an urge to create something and, at age twelve (12), he decided to build a spaceship with unique characteristics compared to conventional aero planes/rockets. Indeed, the spaceship should have the following characteristics, among others: vertical take-off and landing, gravity control, high levels of maneuverability and manipulability.

The inventor asserts that his spaceship is unique because it can work as a rocket but does not use propellants. It utilizes internal collisions and a special mechanism meant to mitigate the conservation of momentum laws; thus forward movement. In short, Tobias' technology is about gravity control, but not limited to that. Indeed, at the high end (after small scale experiments) Tobias Lugoloobi is prospecting for indefinite levitation, which, he believes, could enable time travel!

For the moment, Tobias Lugoloobi's work is conceptual and not patented yet. Over the years he has received breakthroughs one at a time and overcame lots of challenges. After several trials and consultations from authorities in the related field he gained great insights of how to make this kind of spaceship.

He is currently in the process of publishing his work in a journal. Yet, Tobias Lugoloobi is well aware that the scientific community will check his work, test his theories and other people will even be laughing at him. He told Kumatoo: "These are very high impact scientific findings. So when you talk about them at a conceptual level, without hard facts, you will have few converts."

Tobias Lugoloobi is now working on a prototype (The Propellant Less Reaction Propulsion Mechanism) to prove his concept and has decided, in 2011, to go fulltime on accomplishing his goals. That makes the need for collaboration even more important. The main problem faced by Tobias Lugoloobi is lack of funding. Thus, while working on some parts of the prototype, the major challenge is related to the rude materials which obviously obstruct accuracy.

Thus the current prototype is not yet in position to prove the concept, but Tobias Lugoloobi hopes that in the future the results prove his theories.

Remarks from the Kumatoo Editorial Committee

Presenting Tobias Lugoloobi's works and concepts is part of our goals as we believe that all interesting projects must be released to the general public in hope to catch the attention of those who can help inventors, especially financially. Futuristic projects developed by Africans have as much value as those developed by other nationalities.

The main problem faced by African inventors / researchers is lack of financial support. Tobias' works herald a new era of African ingenuity which is unfolding and he needs to be encouraged. His concepts are worth billions of dollars if we consider the amount of cash spent by industrialized nations to acquire and develop new technologies which are most of the time kept secret.

The gravity control concept is not the invention of Tobias Lugoloobi. He is, however, one of those rare African inventors who is devoting his life to it, and much more.

To find out more about the antigravity (gravity control) concept, one good site to visit is www.gravitycontrol.org

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