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Seyoum Goitom

African Inventors

November, 2009
In his forties, Seyoum Goitom is a self-taught Eritrean with a passion for mechanics. It all started at age 10-12 when he regularly visited his father's workshop (repair shop) where he tried by himself to repair faulty engines or radio sets, etc. Over time, he managed to repair engines, generators, water pumps...

Today, his ingenuity goes far beyond repairing only as he now conceives several appliances or mechanical equipment. In other words, he has become an inventor. He has for instance designed and manufactured a device that automates the semi-industrial production of biscuit dough. All the materials used to manufacture this device are from his workshop. The device is made of a small electric engine, a bicycle engine and a chopper (grinder). The electric engine activates the bicycle engine which in turn activates the chopper at a lower speed. Water and dough are placed in the grinder for homogenization. The dough comes out of the grinder (chopper) and can be sliced manually. The sliced dough can then be placed in an oven where it will be baked. The device has the advantage to save time in the dough-making process. This achievement shows that it is possible to automate the manufacture of biscuits in Africa in order to limit their importations.

Seyoum Goitom has also designed a lawn mower that is not very different from the ones manufactured in the Western or Eastern Worlds. The lawn mower is equipped with a rear basket that collects the cut grass, making raking virtually useless. There is then a clever suction system set up by the inventor, as well as a level of precision that allows the blade to function properly without touching the ground.

One of the latest inventions from this Eritrean is a solar cooker for which he has received funding from the German Embassy in Eritrea. He has used an old dish that he has covered with aluminum foil. The method used by Seyoum Goitom is universal: sunrays are converted into heat which is then used to cook food. This solar cooker does not work at night or when clouds cover the sky.

Seyoum Goitom's dream is to be able to mass produce his inventions so that Eritreans realize that they are also capable of producing some of the equipment that they are currently importing.

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