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Severin Kezeu

African Inventors

September, 2010
Severin Kezeu is a Cameroonian engineer, Ph.D. in Industrial Computer Science and inventor of a unique collision avoidance system called N@vigator which is automatically configurable for all types of mobile equipment (cars, planes, cranes, security gates, trains, etc.). Contrary to competition that commercializes electromechanical anti-collision systems, Severin Kezeu's is essentially computerized, which allows the monitoring and control of devices equipped with his system in order, if necessary, to reconfigure them from the Internet in case of an anomaly.

With N@vigator it is the equipment that controls its environment in order to detect a possible collision. N@vigator is, therefore, a comprehensive system that comes with an onboard computer, software, radar, sensors... The onboard computer collects a number of information such as the position of the equipment, its speed, the load it carries, its ability or inability to slow down, the speed and direction of the wind, etc.; thus facilitating the computation of a collision risk. If this risk is high, the computer warns the equipment operator. However, if it is critical, it is the onboard computer that takes control of the equipment so as to avoid the collision.

Severin Keuzeu patented his invention that was even classified as a "key French technology ", a label reserved to innovations that are considered "strategic". In 1991, he won, in front of Matra and Air France, the first national prize on Invention and Innovation awarded by l'Anvar. He then created his company, SK Group, and patiently demonstrated that his technology is ahead of the others such that he was able to provide services to companies like Liebher, Alstom, Bouygues, etc.

Severin Kezeu was suspected not to be the inventor of the technology and was even placed in custody with his wife. Fortunately for them, things went out pretty well. Maybe the color of this tall Cameroonian raised "racist" clichés admitting that Blacks are incapable of developing highly sensitive technologies. However, his findings prompted the French authorities to give him the French nationality.

Given the difficulties encountered in France to stand out from his competitors, Severin Kezeu was somehow forced to expatriate to the United Arab Emirates where his partners gave him a welcome worthy of a contractor courted for his genius. SK Group should set up N@vigator on all the cranes operating in the Emirates, among others.

To find out more: www.sk-group.fr

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