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Sandrine Ngalula Mubenga

African Inventors

November, 2009
Sandrine Ngalula is a Congolese engineer from Congo-Kinshasa. She works and lives in the United States where she graduated in Electrical Engineering. She is particularly gifted and has succeeded in transforming an electric car prototype into a hybrid car by integrating a fuel cell.

A fuel cell is an electrochemical device that converts hydrogen into electricity. The car's main fuel becomes hydrogen which releases only water as waste. The idea of developing a car that runs on hydrogen is not new. But it may be that Sandrine Ngalula Mubenga has found the solution because, in addition to making the car hybrid, she has conceived a hydrogen station (as opposed to petrol stations). The hydrogen station she has developed is solar-powered. Its working principle is simple: splitting water (H2O) into hydrogen and oxygen and collecting the hydrogen in tanks (reservoirs). An American car manufacturer is apparently considering marketing the hybrid system developed by Sandrine Ngalula.

Before Sandrine Ngalula succeeded in turning the prototype into a hybrid car, the car's maximum speed was 42 mph (miles per hour) or 67 km/h. With the hybrid system, the prototype reached a speed of 119 mph (191 km/h). Another feature of this car is that it is silent. Proof of the importance of the work carried out by the Congolese lady: the visit of Ohio's Senator, Mr. Voinovich, who wanted to meet her and see the results of her work.

Sandrine Ngalula also wants to use her genius to serve her country. As a result, she has started developing a plan to electrify villages in Congo-Kinshasa. This plan is primarily designed around solar technology. Congo-Kinshasa has a solar energy potential of about 5 kWh / m² / day. In other words, the sun provides 5 kW of energy on 1 m², or the power required to power about 2 houses. Now, Congo-Kinshasa has an area of 2.3 million km² which should ease Sandrine Ngalula's noble ambition if political authorities in her home country pay attention to her work.

Sandrine Ngalula is currently working for Orbital Technical Solutions that specializes in the construction of power plants. She shows to all African women that they can also bring their share to the industrial development of Africa.

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