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Sam Kodo

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Update on Sam Kodo's Works

July 3, 2014

Sam Kodo’s robots can now interact with humans, recognize faces and objects, speak, execute orders and even play football. Now he has his own technology company, Infinite Loop, which produces low-cost computers. The miniature computers can fit into a pocket and plug into TVs or touchscreens to turn it into an internet enabled desktop PC. They are sold for US$76 but costs around half the amount to produce.

“In our country, many students do not have enough to afford the IT tools for their school work; hence the idea came to me to help with this project” said the young innovator.

Using the cash prize he won at a national competition for young entrepreneurs last year, Sam Kodo has been able to buy the materials to make his computers, employ six people and rent a work space. Since February, he has sold about 45 computers in Togo and his company earns revenues of roughly $1,048 per month.

Source: howwemadeitinafrica.com

January 15, 2012

After SAM.10 the humanoid robot created in 2009, Sam Kodo, 19, continues with his passion: building robots. Indeed, he has developed a new robot called Robert I whose characteristic is to move independently along the lines (i.e a path) thanks to sensors that he manufactured himself. The avowed ambition of this young inventor is to create a fully autonomous robot capable, for example, of serving coffee, walking up and down the stairs, etc.

Sam uses mostly recycled items to achieve his ends. Robert I, for example, is equipped, among others, with a microcontroller he removed from a toy car and that he had to reprogram.


August 2010
Sam Kodo is a young student and inventor from Togo who has conceived and built a humanoid robot almost entirely from old TV sets, including TV electronic scraps. He aims at fully automating the robot as soon as possible so that it can greet people, avoid objects by computing their distance slightly beyond 1.20 m, etc. The name of this robot is coined after the inventor's name: SAM.10.

The conception of the robot has nothing to do with chance. He has carefully and scientifically designed the structure of the robot on a blackboard. This shows that the inventor actually knows what he is doing and what the end-result should look like, despite the lack of adequate infrastructures and real support. Without a doubt, Sam Kodo is a genius.

Sam Kodo's passion is to build robots and he would like to share it as there are undoubtedly lots of other Africans who are passionate about electronics and robotics. The sad reality, however, is that a great deal of Africans who conceive and build inventions by themselves are not encouraged contrary to what happens in most developed or real emerging countries like China, India, etc. Consequently, they either give up or keep their inventions for themselves because they do not want their ideas to be stolen, among other reasons.

Most of the time, Africa is not associated with cutting-edge technology because it has been admitted, as a general principal in the world, that Africans cannot conceive and build such sensitive devices. However, this humanoid robot, built with scrap by a young African, proves the opposite. Thus, robotics is not only reserved to Japanese, Americans or Chinese, but also to Africans.

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