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Saheed Adepoju

African Inventors

September 12, 2012

Saheed Adepoju, 29, is a Nigerian inventor and co-developer of a tablet (touchpad) called Inye which means "One" in Igala language. He holds a degree in Maths and Computer Science from the Federal University of Technology, Minna (Nigeria, 2005) and an Advanced Computing degree from Bournemouth University (UK, 2008).

He is the co-founder with Anibe Agamah of a technology firm called Encipher Group that commercializes the tablet. Anibe Agamah is also a long time friend of Saheed Adepoju with whom he has designed the Inye Tablet. They started being attracted by computers and the like when they were still teenagers.

The tablet costs about $350 as opposed to around $700 for an iPad. Yet, it is Apple's Ipad that inspired the Encipher Inye tablet which price is probably the strongest point, especially if the firm wants to penetrate the Nigerian market and other areas of the African continent.

Inye-1 was unveiled to the public in April 2010, while in Inye-2 was unveiled in May 2011. Here are some of the characteristics of the tablet:

  • Screen: 8-inch capacitive touchscreen
  • Processor: 1 Ghz
  • Connectivity: WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth
  • I/O: USB, micro USB, SD card slot (up to 32 Gb), 35 mm sound jack, HDMI, SIM card for 3G
  • Operating System (OS): Android
  • Battery: 5 hrs
  • Storage: 8 Gb internal, 16 Gb in the box…

Another product that the firm is working on is Encipher TV which is a box that will enable people to watch TV, movies, etc. Just like the Ipad, the Cardiopad or the Way-C, the Inye tablet is manufactured (assembled) in China, but conceived in Nigeria.

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