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Peterson Mwangi

African Inventors

December 5, 2011
Peterson Mwangi is an inventor from Kenya who has conceived a device that can switch on and off a car engine from an SMS command via his mobile phone. The device provides another advantage as it can move the car forward and backward. One important feature of this device is that network coverage is not a prerequisite for the car to be remotely controlled by the mobile phone.

Initially, the inventor’s idea was to only stop a car using a mobile phone as an anti-theft device. He then realized that he could do much more.

Peterson Mwangi’s passion has always been physics. Despite the fact that he did not complete secondary school, his work shows that he has talent and that people of talent, in Africa, can help us shape a future that will take into account our aspirations and needs. What remains to be done is to find investors that will ease the mass production of such devices on the African soil, preferably.

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