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Pape Gorgui Toure

African Inventors

November, 2011
Pape Gorgui Toure is a Senegalese engineer who has developed an exceptional network and services simulator based on telecommunications / ICT called ictNetSim. To date, no simulator has reached this level of sophistication and precision, even in the management of network and convergence services.

This simulator is the result of over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications world. Indeed, Pape Toure’s experience can be summarized as follows:

  • Deputy Director of switching Centers and Telematics Networks (Télésénégal);
  • Head of the Engineering Networks Department (Sonatel);
  • International Affairs and Cooperation Director & Commercial Director (Sonatel);
  • Research and Development Director (Sonatel);
  • Head of the Financing Strategies Unit (ITU/TDB);
  • Head of the Policies, Strategies and Financing Department (ITU/TDB);
  • Currently Managing Director at TACTIKOM.

While representing Senegal and Sonatel within cooperation institutions among the members of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), P.G. Toure was appointed Chairman of the Africa Pricing Group by the World Telecommunication Standardization Conference. He coordinated continental positions for the adoption of important texts such as:

  • The Regulation of International Telecommunications;
  • Several Recommendations including: D.96, D.140 and its annexes, D.150... and D.600R which is the foundation of the first model called COSITU that he developed for ITU, and on which he has trained more than 1,000 executives around the world, from Jakarta to Managua and from Windhoek to Saint-Petersburg. Because of his experience and credibility, Pape Gorgui Toure was the initiator and negotiator of the Senegalese offer during WTO agreements adopted in 1997 in Geneva.

After 7 years with ITU as an international civil servant, Pape Toure decided to devote three years of his life (2007-2010) in developing the ictNetSim simulator. This simulator allows, among others:

1. For Network Operators (mobile, fixed ...)
a. to dimension their networks to suit the volume of demand;
b. to compute cost-based services tariffs to clients;
c. to know how much services offered to competitors cost;
d. To know whether or not migration to NGN (Next Generation Networks) would be appropriate;
e. etc.

2. For Regulatory authorities:
a. to arbitrate disputes between operators on interconnection rates;
b. to determine the merits of the proposed tariffs by operators;
c. etc.

This bilingual simulator (French, English) has the ability to rebuild an operator’s network and to recreate the complete architecture of the operator’s network, and much more. By incorporating, for example, OPEX, CAPEX and the cost of capital of an operator, traffic flows of different switches in the network, etc., it manages to compute, among other things, per minute tariffs based on actual production costs of each service sold, no matter the network type and technologies.

This valuable son of Africa is now courted by many operators and regulators on the African continent, which proves that Africans are beginning to trust each other. Therefore, it is permitted to believe in a prosperous Africa that will be developed by the expertise of an African elite at the service of Africa.


To find out more: http://www.tactikom.ch

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