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Moses Kizza Musaazi

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Profile reviewed May 2, 2014
First published November, 2009
Moses Kizza Musaazi is a Ugandan inventor, PhD in Electrical Engineering from Imperial College (University of London), and who served as Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering in the former Faculty of Technology at the Makerere University, now called College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology. He is the founder of Technology for Tomorrow Ltd. (T4T), a registered company that specializes in what they call "appropriate technology". Dr. Musaazi's inventions / innovations are in the following areas: sanitary towels, waste disposal, food and pasteurization, etc.

The MakaPads (sanitary towels or pads) are one of his inventions. They are made from papyrus and paper waste. The fibers are beaten, dried and softened using no electricity. Thus, MakaPads provide effective and low-cost protection to every girl and woman. They currently sell for $0.6 or about half the price of imported sanitary towels, and are 95% biodegradable.

Dr. Musaazi has also designed and manufactured incinerators. The solid waste incinerators turn waste into ash, produce steam for electricity and sterile water. Thus, all solid wastes (except metals and glass) are turned into ash, including non-biodegradable waste such as plastic and sanitary pads. The incinerators reach 850°C and can be installed in hospitals, homes, schools, towns and villages, etc. They sell for approximately $5,000.

Dr. Musaazi and his team have manufactured hybrid stoves in which food is cooked and water pasteurized at the same time. The heat loss is actually transferred to the water and produces heated water between 80°C and 90°C. This is above the 55°C required for pasteurization to produce safe water. The stove sells between $650 and $1,700 (depending on size).

Dr. Moses Kizza Musaazi has received several awards for his numerous inventions including the Presidential Support to Scientists ($350,000), the Makerere University Vice Chancellor's Award for Excellence & Innovation ($20,000), etc.

To find out more : http://t4tafrica.co/home
Images: T4T

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