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Morris Mbetsa

African Inventors

January, 2011
Morris Mbetsa is a young Kenyan genius from Mombasa who is gifted in electronics and has invented an anti-theft device called Block and Track. Block and Track is an SMS-based vehicle security system that enables car-owners to monitor their vehicle from a distance. The system he has invented brings the whole concept of vehicle security into one’s hand thanks to the mobile phone. Morris Mbetsa had just graduated from high school when he came up with this security device.

All that a car-owner needs is a phone in which Morris Mbetsa will install a program. Under the hood, he also connects wires and the like to the engine. Once the device is set up, the car-owner can lock the doors by just sending an SMS. In case the car has been stolen, there is no need to panic. All the owner needs to do is to send an SMS with a code to stop (immobilize) the car wherever it is located provided there is network coverage from the mobile operator. The system is also fitted with a tracking device that will locate, on a map, the location of the car.

This system invented by an African when he was 18 year old is very simple as it does not, at least at this stage, require a computer or monthly subscription fee. All that one needs is a mobile phone with airtime.

Morris Mbetsa got the idea of the system when a few years back a friend of his was carjacked. Without formal training in electronics, he decided to work on the system. This was possible because for a long period of time Morris Mbetsa used to dismantle gadgets (devices) in order to create new devices.

Morris Mbetsa would like to start up a company that will manufacture and install the system. All that he needs is someone or a company that will put up the necessary funds to take the system to another level.

This young and talented African proves once again that Africa has the answer to a lot of its problems. Unfortunately, Africans tend to always knock at doors that are far from Africa to get expensive solutions. One thing is certain: this is a world premiere from Kenya.

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