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Mathurin Oboukangongo

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Update on the inventor's works
May 26, 2014

Mathurin Oboukangongo has designed the prototype of a small car he dubbed Alpha IB. It is in October 2013 that he embarked on the construction of this car. Once again, he is obliged to do this with his own funds. Thus, the car is made by hand because he does not have the right equipment to produce a car with more elaborate finishes.

The body of the vehicle has been built with bamboo and fiberglass. Doors open and close automatically upwards through an electrical system. For now, this vehicle is running on one engine, the second will be installed later...

Mathurin Oboukangongo would like to build agricultural tractors that can plow, sow and reap at the same time.

With such initiatives, it would be possible to create a real automobile economy and automobile engineering sector which, throughout its value chain, would create jobs and allow Africans to consume local products that may be less expensive than imported ones. This is a question that calls for high-level thinking in decision-making spheres within African governments.
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Profile reviewed May 2, 2014
First published November, 2009
Mathurin Oboukangongo is a Congolese researcher (Congo-Brazzaville) who has designed and built a boat, specifically a trawler which is 6 m long and 4 m wide. The trawler's hull is supposedly composed of wood (Sapele), metal sheet, plastic and fiberglass. Four (4) and a half months of hard work were necessary for Mathurin Oboukangongo and his team to complete this made in Congo boat for which 80% of the components are available in Congo.

Regarding imported materials or components, Mathurin Oboukangongo believes that they can be manufactured or produced locally. This is particularly the case of the trawler's Mercury brand engine (125 hp), as well as all the chemicals he needed to manufacture the hull's fiberglass.

During the construction phase, Mathurin Oboukangongo began with the hull, then the cabin, the engine and finished with the wiring. A team of 14 people was mobilized to work on this boat. Most members of the team were not skilled workers. Mathurin Oboukangongo had to train them in all building trades (electricity, welding, glassworks, etc.). The trawler's manufacturing cost was about €35 000 (23 million CFA francs) fully funded by the inventor and generous donors, mainly Canadians.

Mathurin Oboukangongo and his team sailed off for the first time on September 20, 2007 and multiplied the trials to test the trawler's stability. With this boat, Mathurin Oboukangongo could reveal to the Congolese that Chinese vessels were (or are still) catching fish using dynamite off the Congolese coast.

In March 2008, the inventor came up with another challenge: to build a helicopter after studying for a few months maintenance books of military helicopters.

Today and at its current level of achievement, this helicopter has already cost more than € 20,000 (13.1 million CFA francs). The lack of financial support has almost ended the project.

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