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Kelvin Macharia

African Inventors

June, 2011
Kelvin Macharia Kuria is a young inventor from Kenya. He was 17 years old in 2008 when he made up a home-made insecticide which mystified scientists and insecticides manufacturers. The name of this insecticide is aloemexhot, and kills instantly insects like ants, cockroaches and flies.

He came up with the idea one evening when ants invaded his dormitory, early in the year 2008. Kelvin saw the invasion as an opportunity and started studying local plants. With the help of school laboratory technicians, he was able to collect enough plant and extracted the necessary ingredients. His research proved that a concoction made from environmentally friendly locally available plants could wipe out the insects from the school vicinity completely. When the ant invaded the dormitories again, he applied it and it worked. It was from that time that he was convinced that he had invented something worthwhile. Indeed, he has since then received several awards.

This brilliant idea drew the attention of the managing director of the Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI). The senior patent right examiner at the ministry of industrialization also promised to work closely with Kelvin Macharia to patent the project and protect it. Primary patent has been granted so far. When he is through with his final research, Kelvin will then get the final patent.

Kelvin Macharia is currently the secretary general for Innovators Society of Kenya (ISK) where Morris Mbetsa is the chair and Simon Mwaura the vice-chair (two other inventors referenced on kumatoo.com). The purpose of this society is to bring all Kenyan innovators together. One of Kelvin's dreams is to help create employment opportunities to his fellow youths. In the meantime, Kelvin is still aiming to get a BSc. degree in Biology.

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