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Jean-Emmanuel Foumbi and Appolos Chokote

African Inventors

November, 2009
Appolos Chokote and Jean-Emmanuel Foumbi are two African inventors who were heading JCR Technology Corporation, a company founded in 2005 and that specialized in technological innovation.

Appolos Chokote (Physicist and Physician) was the CEO of the company, while Jean-Emmanuel Foumbi (Physicist) was the Managing Director. Appolos and Jean-Emmanuel are from Cameroon with French citizenship. Jean-Emmanuel Foumbi is currently managing director of Hope Finance (France).

They worked ten years to develop their first prototype (JCR001), a flapping-wing plane that they exhibited for the first time in June 2005 at the 46th Salon International du Bourget (Paris Air Show). They were both inspired by the flight of a dragonfly to conceive their prototype. JCR Technology Corporation was therefore proposing a technological innovation through a flapping wing aircraft that can take-off and land vertically.

Both inventors and their team believe(d) that their flapping-wing aircraft could use less energy (forty times less kerosene) than its equivalent at Boeing or Airbus. This would be made possible with the replacement of reactors by several frugal (smaller) engines. These engines, 12 in total, would be located inside the aircraft, which would ease their repairing during the flight in case one of them would defect.

The challenge for these two geniuses was to find financial and industrial partners, among others, which could give birth to a plane out of the ordinary. The project was even patented with the World Intellectual Property under number DM/067643.

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