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Francis Lusadisu

African Inventors

July, 2011
Francis Lusadisu is a young inventor from Congo-Kinshasa. At age 17 he has conceived and manufactured a toy car from salvage, in a rather rudimentary workshop.

The car consists of an electrical wiring system and is, among others, made of five doors, including one in the back equipped with a pivoting windshield wiper, an accelerator and a clutch, rear and front lights, turn signal lights, etc.

The ergonomics of the vehicle is also taken care of. Indeed, it includes a flashing dashboard, seats, a sound system from a mobile phone with stereo speakers embedded in the doors, etc.

Francis Lusadisu designed a miniature engine located under the vehicle's hood. The latter is also made of a tank. Indeed, the automatic vehicle runs on gasoline. This is where this young Congolese researcher and inventor shows a peculiar talent, despite the lack of material and financial resources, and manages to create a work of art that would normally require a rather specialized training.

The potential shown by this young inventor is impressive because the applications of his know-how are numerous like in robotics, automation, etc. If the questioning of Africans' inventive capacities is a debate behind us, what is at stake is the awareness level of African "elites" who must recognize the need to develop an industrial strategy that takes into account the contribution the African genius.

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