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Dr. Oviemo Ovadje

African Inventors

November, 2010
Dr. Otu Oviemo Ovadje is a Nigerian medical doctor who has contributed in developing an effective, simpler and affordable blood auto-transfusion mechanism. He started working on the invention in 1989 with 120 US dollars. In 1995, he was declared best African scientist and founded EATSET Industries in April 2001. He has patented the invention in 9 countries.

Auto-transfusion is a technique that is already used in developed nations; however, this technology is very expensive. Indeed, it consists of sophisticated equipment using centrifugation, allowing haemoconcentration and cell washing. All developing countries cannot afford such equipment to save lives.

Dr. Oviemo's invention, called EAT-SET (Emergency Auto-Transfusion Set), is very impressive and can save a lot of lives. EAT-SET is a system that recovers blood from internal bleeding. The EAT-SET device uses the patient's own blood and safely reinfuses it if processed within the first 24 hours after haemorrhage. Blood is aspirated into a collection container and is reinfused by gravity to the patient after a filtration process. EAT-SET only takes two (2) minutes to process 500 ml of blood. Two hundred (200) units were manufactured in Italy for clinical trials.

The system is entirely closed and made of a reusable collection device holding a disposal filter (no risk of infection). Suction and retransfusion lines are connected to the system. A hand held vacuum pump is used for blood suction from body cavities. One key advantage of the EAT-SET is its ability to function without electrical power; making it a system of choice for Africa where energy generation and distribution are not optimum. Another advantage is that it prevents the transmission of diseases and avoids immunological complications of homologous transfusion. Last, but no least, EAT-SET permits greater flexibility in relation to the use and supply of blood banks, especially in most African countries where blood resources are extremely scarce due to the absence of an organized volunteer donation program.

UNDP (United Nation Development Program) and the government of Nigeria funded the EAT-SET Project, with WHO (World Health Organization) acting as the executing agency and providing assistance in the coordination of the project.

Dr. Oviemo has received several awards for his invention, from the African Union (AU) to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), among several other renowned organizations.

To find out more: www.eatset.com

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