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Colbert Tchakounte

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Colbert Tchakounte is an inventor from Cameroon, born in 1968. He is the owner of a patent with the OAPI (African Intellectual Property Organization) entitled " Dispositif de connexion et de déconnexion automatique du câble coaxial (antenne TV) du téléviseur ". The patent was filed under Number 1200900409 in December 08, 2009 and granted under Number 14916 in December 30, 2010.

Colbert Tchakounte has been an electrician for nearly 18 years. After a heavy rainstorm, he is certain to repair several television sets. Indeed, currently, one of the surest ways to protect a television set against lightning during a thunderstorm is to disconnect the coaxial cable (TV antenna). To remedy this problem, he has come up with a more optimal solution.

The device he has developed, called Tchak's TV Guard, can move away the coaxial cable or TV antenna 20 cm apart from the TV set every time it is shutdown manually or automatically; whenever there is a voltage drop, a power surge or an unstable power supply. This device is connected to the coaxial cable or TV antenna plug, as well as to the TV set power source. It monitors the voltage level of the power source and delays power supply by 15 seconds before transferring it to different types of appliances: TVs, DVD players, amplifiers, decoders, etc. In short, Tchak's TV Guard is a device that protects TV sets against lightning and its price varies between 15,000 CFA Francs (€ 22.86) and 30,000 CFA Francs (€ 45.73).

Tchak's TV Guard was built with recycled materials and was entirely funded by its inventor. However, credit to the Cameroonian authorities, 80% of the cost of obtaining the patent was supported by the Cameroonian Ministry of Industry; and Colbert Tchakounte is willing to grant licenses for his invention.

To contact the inventor:

e-mail : tchakcol2009@yahoo.fr
Tel: (+237) 22 69 15 52 - (+237) 33 37 67 25 - (+237) 99 95 54 34

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