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Albert Kamdjie Fozo

African Inventors

August, 2010
Albert Kamdjie Fozo is a Cameroonian inventor who has conceived an egg incubator that runs on gasoline, gas or electricity. This invention was awarded the second prize in the electronic category during the 2008 Journées Technologiques Nationales (National Technological Days) exhibition held in Cameroon.

Albert Kamdjie Fozo became a poultry farmer in 1989 and spent many years developing an egg incubator. In 1994, he built a 50 hen egg capacity incubator which runs on gasoline. In 1996, he built another incubator, an electric one this time, with a capacity of 1,000 eggs. Ten years later, he developed a multi-energy incubator that runs both on gasoline, gas or electricity with a capacity ranging from 500 to 1,000 eggs.

The incubator designed by Albert Kamdjie Fozo is partly made of wood and iron. It has, among others, palettes stacked one on top of the other, and a reservoir. The reservoir is heated by the source of energy used, and the heat transferred to the device through filaments that make up the electrical resistance. Whichever source of energy is used, the intensity of the heat can be controlled by a hygrometer and a thermostat that control temperature and humidity inside the unit. What is remarkable about this incubator is its energy interoperability that would give about six hours to the user to switch from one energy to another before a change in temperature affects the eggs. It is a function that can be very useful in Africa where power cuts are recurrent.

The manufacturing cost of the multi-energy incubator would be approximately €381 (250,000 CFA francs). Only a large-scale industrial production would reduce its manufacturing cost; something Albert Kamdjie Fozo is longing for so that many Cameroonians and Africans can benefit from his technology.

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