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Alain Brice Niama

African Inventors

August 10, 2012

Alain Brice Niama, from Congo-Brazzaville, has designed and developed a non-polluting system that converts wood into renewable oil. He filed his patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office on March 30, 2009 under application number 12/383,613. His patent was published on September 30, 2010 under publication number US2010/0242340 A1.

Here is a summarized description of the innovation. Wood must first be transformed into charcoal which is mixed up with water inside an electric distiller. This compound is then converted into liquid carbon (1). Charcoal powder is also mixed up with palm oil in a different distiller from which surfaces a kind of combustible liquid (2).

Carbon derived from charcoal and the combustible oil extracted from the charcoal mixture with palm oil are altogether filtered and heated inside another electric distiller. It is this liquid that is converted into energy and combustible fuel. This bio fuel can then be used to power vehicle's engines, among others, without polluting the environment.

Alain Niama is currently living in the United States where he is keeping on developing his projects.

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