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Afate Gnikou

African Inventors

February 6, 2015
View YouTube video of the 3D Printer at work @ Woelab

June 13, 2013

Afate Gnikou is a Togolese geographer and researcher whose ambition is to manufacture an Open Source 3D printer. This printer should be easy to manufacture given that it has the particularity of being 100% composed of recycled computer objects, among others.

Indeed, the most useful objects for materializing this project are: central processing units (CPUs), printers, scanners, etc. The central processing unit, from its architecture, serves as a general framework for the future 3D printer, while the rails and motors of the printers and scanners fit together to form a stable base.

The mechanical part of the project is almost complete. Afate Gnikou and his team are now to study the electronics and calibration of the future 3D printer called Wafate ("W" for WoeLab which is a technology incubator and "Afate" the inventor's name).

Afate Gnikou and his team are working on an ambitious and original project called "Wafate to Mars" whose goal is to relocate computer landfills on this planet through the development of a new generation of autonomous machines manufactured from recycled wastes.

Africa does not lack ambitions. It rather lacks ambitious politicians. Yet ambitions, innovative ideas, sometimes a priori grotesque, help great nations move forward.

To find out more: Wafate to Mars

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