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About Us

Kumatoo is a concept originating from the reflection of Rudy Massamba on industrial development in Africa and whose book l'Afrique Noire Industrielle is the materialization of his ideas. This website is essentially dedicated to the industrialization of the African continent through its inventors.

Since August 29, 2012, Kumatoo is an officially recognized Association located in Pointe-Noire, in the Republic of the Congo, under number: 0068/MID/DPN/SG/DDSP/SR.

Goals and Vision

goals are:

  • To publicize African inventors and their inventions or projects
  • To free the mind of Black Man because he is just as creative as all other races on earth
  • To create a Research and Development (R&D) pole in Africa that will gather the most promising African inventors
  • To contribute to Africa's industrial planning in the four main regional economic communities

vision is to help Africa acquire its technical, technological and industrial independence so that it can extract its natural resources and process them on the continent with equipment/machines that it can manufacture itself.

Meaning of Kumatoo

Kumatoo [Ku-matu] is a word from the Lari or Kongo language spoken in the Republic of Congo, as well as part of Congo-Kinshasa. The meaning of Ku-matu is: forward, to move forward.

This name has been chosen to symbolize an Industrial Africa that is to be built so that it can irreversibly move forward.

Meaning of the Logo

The site's logo depicts a shield with each four branches representing on
e of the four elements of nature; the elements of nature representing Africans' will to master the sciences, all sciences. The center of the shield consists of a "sun" which shows that Africa will no longer be ignored when it definitely commits to its industrialization process.

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