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Abdoulaye Toure

African Inventors

November, 2009
This Senegalese inventor has designed and developed solar ovens. His first prototype was designed in 1990, although it is in 1992 that he really started developing and spreading the solar oven technology in Senegal. This former teacher is now detached from the education body in order to popularize his invention for which more than 250 models have already been manufactured in Senegal.

Abdoulaye Toure transfers technological skills by working directly with the populations. He goes to a village with a solar oven to show its functionality. After that he shows to the population how to build one. The acquisition cost of a solar oven manufactured by Abdoulaye Toure is lower than that of modern ovens. One needs about €76 (50
,000 CFA francs) to acquire a solar oven built by Abdoulaye Toure compared to approximately €228 - €457 (150,000 - 300,000 CFA francs) for a modern oven. Abdoulaye Toure thinks that his solar ovens have a 10-year lifetime if properly maintained. The first ovens reached a temperature of 110 °C, while the latest models are reaching temperatures above 200 °C. This is the result of constant technical improvements.

The technical functionalities of the oven are quite simple. In fact, the oven captures sunlight that it turns into heat. The sunrays are concentrated in an aluminum box (the focus or fire place) which is housed in another larger box and isolated so that the outer envelope does not heat. A double-glazed lid above the fireplace will first capture the sunrays, while a reflector will then capture the sunrays to increase the oven's temperature.

Abdoulaye Toure's invention is a success and his skills are required beyond the borders of Senegal. Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Niger, etc. are other Sahelian countries interested in solar ovens manufactured by Abdoulaye Toure. This is not a surprise for a man who was awarded the first prize of Invention and Innovation in 1998 by the Senegalese President, the CIPEA prize (Centre International pour la Création de l'Entreprise en Afrique or International Center for the Creation of Enterprise in Africa) in 1999 and the first prize at the Tambacoumba Techno-Fair (East of Senegal) in 2001.

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